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Crowns are manufactured to restore function to a tooth that has been so damaged that a conventional restoration cannot be placed. There are numerous different crowns ranging from a full ceramic to a full metal crown. The type of crown to be placed depends on aesthetics and function. The different options will be explained during the consultation with the patient.




Bridges are placed to replace a missing tooth. The teeth adjacent to the gap are prepped into a shape that will accommodate the placement of the bridge, in effect a bridge are three or more fused crowns. Bridges are placed when the placement of an implant to restore the missing tooth cannot be done and the patient opts not to wear a denture.

Getting a traditional dental bridge involves drilling the teeth to make them small enough for the bridge to fit on top of them. The work to prepare the teeth that will anchor the bridge is done using local anaesthesia. To replace lost teeth, one can either get a dental bridge or can rely on dental




Missing a tooth or numerous teeth? No need for messy and loose dentures anymore. Look no further than having an implant placed. Implants are natural-looking and if done properly, the restored tooth looks and functions exactly like your natural teeth.

An implant is a titanium screw inserted into the space of the missing tooth. Your bone integrates with the implant over a couple of weeks. A permanent crown gets screwed onto the implant as the final step. Your smile and function restored.

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Root Canal

Root Canal

Root canal treatment[RCT] gets performed in cases where the pulp chamber of a tooth has been compromised. This will lead to acute pain and discomfort associated with the formation of an abscess.

We will only perform RCT in cases where it is clearly indicated and then only if it is going to be the best solution in the long term. Sometimes it is better having the tooth removed and replaced with an implant, we evaluate each case on it’s own merits. Some teeth are just not worth the money and time to salvage, if the long term prognosis is doubtful, we will inform you. The last thing we want is for you as a patient to throw good money after bad.

We make use of the most modern Ni-Ti files and materials to obturate or seal the canals after they have been properly shaped and cleaned. A properly filled root canal can add years to the lifespan of
that tooth.


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