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General Dentistry

This aspect caters the more basic of treatments such as your initial consultation, the check-up, charting of teeth, taking of x-rays, evaluating oral mucosa and looking for cavities.

check up


The check-up is of vital importance to diagnose any problems and to ensure that function is maintained. The check-up includes:

  1. Visual examination of teeth, tongue, floor of mouth, palate and tempero mandibular joint.
  2. Taking of x-rays (a) Digital intraoral x-rays (b) Panoramic extraoral x-rays
  3. Taking of photos, intra and extraoral if needed
  4. Charting of teeth
  5. Periodontal evaluation and the measurement of boneloss or pockets.
  6. Discussion and treatment plan for work that needs to be done.


We place fillings to restore function and aesthetic value to a tooth that has been damaged by decay. The material that we use matches the colour of your tooth and blends in to provide an ‘invisible’ filling.

In some cases we do inlays and onlays – those are manufactured by a dental technician and the finished product gets cemented into your tooth to deliver outstanding aesthetic results.

Inlays are much more expensive than composite restorations, advantage being a very good fit and almost no risk of discolouration, the decision of inlay vs restoration lies with the patient after being informed of cost and benefits.

Oral Hygiene


Teeth gets stained by caffeine, nicotine, red wine, coffee, spicy food etc. The discolouration can get quite pronounced and visible to other people. A proper scaling and polish, performed by either an oral hygienist or the dentist, will remove all the stains and tartar build up.  Having your teeth cleaned regularly will not only result in making you look younger, but it will also help in the prevention of gum diseases such as gingivitis.




Also known as false teeth, there are many different types of dentures to provide a solution to missing teeth. Dentures are ideal for patients who might not be able to afford implants or bridges.

Type of Dentures

  1. Dentures anchored on implants: You can get removable clip-on dentures on 2 – 4 implants or screwed down dentures on 6 implants.
  2. Partial dentures: Here you have a choice of either hard acrylic or a more flexible type of denture to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.
  3. Full Dentures: This is to restore smile and function for patients who lost all their teeth.


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